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The Law Offices of Bruce Peotter have unparalleled skills when it comes to business contracts and transactions. We may be a business law firm but we talk in plain English. We believe that the rights and responsibilities of each respective party should be clearly outlined, in every contract, every business transaction, indeed in every legal matter period - and they are. We ensure clients will never be confused by complicated legal jargon or lose out because they didn't understand what was in an agreement.

With a business attorney at your side, business contracts and transactions are smoothly completed in a time-efficient manner.

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California and Colorado Business Formation and Operation

There are many important decisions that go into starting and operating a business. One of the most important decisions is determining the best type of entity to use for the formal structure of the business. Evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of the different business forms available can be a difficult and complex task. Whether you want to form a partnership, limited liability company (LLC), S Corporation, or C Corporation, a business attorney can help you determine which business structure is best suited for your specific situation.

In analyzing the options, two of the most important aspects of business formation to consider are limiting the personal liability of the business owners and limiting the tax consequences related to income and distributions. We can draft your business formation documents to best meet the needs of your business while optimizing tax implications and protecting the business owners from personal liability related to the enterprise's creditors.

After the formation of the business entity, we can continue to advise you in the operation of the business to ensure that you do not lose the benefits offered by your chosen type of entity. For owners of closely-held businesses, we are also able to assist in business succession planning and personal estate planning to ensure that the business continues to be owned and operated how you intend after retirement or death.​

Proper business formation is essential to providing a business the best opportunity to succeed in today's volatile economy. With the multiple professional credentials held by Bruce Peotter, you can be certain that the advice you are receiving has taken into consideration both the goals of the business and your personal goals relative to the transition of the business to your family in the future. The impact of this first step in your business is great, and The Law Offices of Bruce Peotter wants to make sure that you make the best decision possible.