What is an estate? It's a collection of your assets, such as bank accounts, cash and valuables. It also includes property you own, such as cars or homes. Estate planning services provide you with a way to organize these assets and lay out a plan for the future.

Who will receive your valuables when you're gone? Who will inherit your home? Let The Law Offices of Bruce Peotter draft the legal paperwork that spells all of this out. Whether you live in the Tustin, CA area or Englewood, CO area, attorney Peotter can help you prepare for the future.

Turn to an estate planning attorney to get your estate in order. Reach out today to get started on the process.

Why work with an estate planning attorney?

There are many advantages to hiring an estate planning attorney to help with organizing your assets. Estate planning services provide you with:

✔ A detailed plan for who will receive your assets when you pass away
✔ An understanding of what you have available to leave to your loved ones
✔ A legal document that outlines your wishes, ensuring proper handling

Don't leave your estate in the hands of creditors or the government. Outline your wishes with help from an estate planning attorney. Talk to us today to schedule a consultation.