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Why Work With An Estate Planning Attorney

Aug. 17, 2021

What is an estate? Some would describe it as a collection of your assets, such as bank accounts, cash and valuables. It also includes property you own, such as cars or homes. It is much more than that. It is an accumulation of you and your family’s life work, memories and dreams. Estate planning services should provide you with more than just a way to organize these assets. A proper estate plan will proactively protect you if you become incapacitated and allow you to maximize its benefits to your heirs so they can fulfill their dreams.

What is the legacy that you want to pass on to your heirs and future generations? It is not just about who will receive your valuables or will inherit your home. It is about sharing your values, hopes and dreams from generation to generation. Let The Law Offices of Bruce Peotter proactively build your estate plan to accomplish these things. Whether you live in the Tustin, CA area or Englewood, CO area, attorney Peotter can help you prepare for the future.

Turn to an estate planning attorney who helps you proactively get your estate in order. Reach out today to get started on the process. We proudly serve clients in the Highlands Ranch, Englewood, and Denver areas of Colorado, and the Irvine and Tustin areas of California.

Why Work with An Estate Planning Attorney?

There are many advantages to hiring an estate planning attorney to help with organizing your assets. Estate planning services provide you with:

  • A proactive, detailed plan that fulfills your hopes and desires by strategically planning not only who receives your estate, but when and why so it maximizes the benefits and value.

  • A plan that utilizes the available resources to help you if you outlive your capacity.

  • A plan that builds upon your legacy and helps you plan for your medical and financial future.

  • A plan that avoids government interference in your estate and your privacy.

Outline your wishes with help from an estate planning attorney. If you are in the Denver, Englewood, or Highlands Ranch areas of Colorado, or the Irvine and Tustin areas of California, talk to us today to schedule a consultation.